Gerard Konars Drawings

Artist Statement

I am intrigued by the human condition: The mutability of memory and perception, the interplay of reality and fantasy, and the frailty of life. Love. Loss. Truth. Lies. Life. Death. Humanity. Inhumanity.

This work is the outcome of my subconscious thoughts metamorphosing into being through my hands. When I compose a drawing, the mechanical process dictates the outcome. Bold strokes are allowed their immediacy, each one flowing into the next. No second-guessing. Each piece evolves organically, independent of any pre-conceptions. There are no sketches.

Charcoal allows for a dynamic workflow. The process is additive and subtractive. Aggressive soot-colored marks are followed by expressive erasures. Often, I will not be conscious of the direction a drawing is taking, or even what it truly means when it is completed. I hope my viewers discover their own meanings.


Gerard Konars received his Masters of Art degree from Eastern Michigan University.

All works are charcoal on paper originals completed between 2001 and 2006.
All pieces measure roughly 18" x 24" unframed.

"Muzzled", "War & Peace", and "The Standoff" are SOLD.
The remaining pieces on this page are available for sale. All pieces are matted and framed.

If you are interested in purchasing a piece, please contact me directly by calling (734)657-7350
or email me: gerard {AT}